5 Best Programs to Create And Send Your Newsletter


Sending newsletters is essential when taking into account the e-mail marketing campaigns of your business. You will be able to generate sales opportunities.

There are numerous techniques to reach your potential customers or encourage sales, many of them related to marketing, such as e-mail marketing or newsletters. Email marketing is a lifelong classic, and although many think that it is now in the doldrums, the truth is that with a good strategy it can be an essential tool for user loyalty.

The Advantages Of E-Mail Marketing That You Cannot Miss

Newsletters continue to be the easiest and most direct way to reach our potential customers. Making use of a good database and with just a few clicks we can reach the users’ inbox, another thing is that they decide to open the mail, but in this way, we already have a foot inside.

That is why there are many reasons to create an e-mail marketing campaign, in which you send newsletters periodically.

Allows segmentation: it is something as simple as organizing and segmenting the data from the email database to send a newsletter or email to a specific target. This allows you to create different strategies with different content.

It is measurable: you know that we love to analyze everything, so if something is measurable and above all through a simple task, then all the better! Email marketing tools usually have functions that show us campaign performance analytics in a very simple way.

Formats: the newsletters are super customizable, there is the possibility of configuring the emailing to our liking. You can highlight offers, create invitations, send important news, coupons… And most of the tools offer a lot of freedom in terms of designs. In addition, you will not need to be an artist to get very successful emails.

Investment:  e-mail marketing is cheap With a minimal or even non-existent investment you can start an e-mail marketing campaign. There are many websites to create newsletters that have free and paid plans, with which you will have access to some improvements.

It is not so intrusive: most of the time, if done well, the newsletters are received in the desired way, after subscribing to them or providing the e-mail due to an offer or downloadable content. This allows the conversion of the campaign to be greater than that of display ads, for example.

By now we have surely convinced you of the benefits of e-mail marketing and you are thinking that you want to create a newsletter for your business, but where do you start? Well, choosing a  tool to create and send newsletters.


Sendinblue is a cloud-based email marketing service that lets you send, track and organize emails, newsletters, and marketing campaigns. With Sendinblue you can create, send and share personalized email newsletters. You can also use their drag-and-drop builder to create templates for your newsletters.

Sendinblue has integrations with many CRMs such as Salesforce and Hubspot making it easy to sync your contacts with your newsletter list. Sendinblue also has an API that allows developers to integrate the service into their own software applications.


Perhaps one of the best-known programs to make newsletters. It is a very complete and intuitive option, ideal for those who are putting together their first newsletters. Its free version allows you to create a list of up to 2,000 users and send up to 12,000 emails per month.

In addition, other strong points should also be highlighted, such as the fact that it has a  template editor, the possibility of carrying out A/B tests, as well as integration with both Google Analytics and WordPress. oh! We also have to highlight that it has some really interesting metric reports.


Mailify, the high-end European application stands out for its “dedicated coach” service. In this way, a professional expert in digital marketing strategies will accompany you at all times, from the definition of the strategy and the sending of the newsletters to their subsequent analysis. A service that differentiates it from the rest of its competitors.

On the other hand, in addition to having more than 100 responsive templates, Mailify presents a new intelligent functionality on its platform: Smart Templates. With this new feature, you automatically get 12 templates with the visual identity (logo and colors) of your brand. You just need to insert the website link and the app does the rest. This functionality also joins other premium features that Mailify presents, such as Eye Tracking, Predictive Sending, or Heatmap.

It should be noted that Mailify not only allows the sending of newsletters and their automation but also allows you to create and send mass SMS, landing pages, forms, and implement pop-ups. You will have everything in the same application. In addition, it has a free 30-day trial version with 500 emails and 10 free SMS.


ActiveCampaign has a trial period of 14 days, from here you will have to opt for one of its plans, to choose between the Lite, Plus, Professional, or Company plan.

With the Lite plan, a $9 monthly subscription, you get unlimited email sending and a total of 500 newsletter subscribers. In addition, like MailChimp, it has an integration with both Google Analytics and WordPress. It should also be noted that this tool has great segmentation possibilities, ideal when it comes to analyzing and making reports.


The free MailRelay account allows you to send up to 75,000 emails per month for free and manage up to 15,000 contacts, making it one of the most complete free versions on this list. In addition, this free account has no advertising in the newsletters, no daily delivery limitation, or functionalities. In addition, it also has chat support included, by phone and email.

If you still want to opt for a payment account, its Standard option, for €28, allows you to send 50,000 emails and manage 10,000 subscribers.

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