Podcast Topics: Start Your Career Off Right With these Ideas

Podcast Topics

Taking a look at the best podcast topics is essential to get your first followers. It is not enough to know how to start a podcast, it is also important to choose the best content so that your online radio program is incredible and fun, but above all, original. 

So, if you still have no idea what the best podcast topics are, in this note, we will tell you about some of the funniest, most educational, youthful interests, and much more. You will be surprised to know the variety of topics to talk about in a radio program that exists. 

Get ready because you will come up with many interesting topic ideas for your podcast and winning the hearts of your listeners will not be difficult. 

So, put on your headphones, get the mic ready, and 3,2,1… On the air!

Funny and fun topics for podcast 

Let’s start with the podcast topics that the vast majority of people love.  

If you’re looking to entertain your audience and ensure they have a good time listening to you, these funny and fun podcast themes will be the starting point to achieving your goal.

1. Funny anecdotes

If you’ve had experiences that seem like something out of a comedy movie, recounting them on a podcast would be great! But how do you know that this podcast theme is the one for you? 

Start by telling your friends, family, or co-workers about the experiences you have in mind, and pay attention to their reactions. If their response is positive, and you’ve actually gotten them to laugh and interact with each other, then rest assured that this is a topic you could talk about in your podcast. 

2. Old school jokes

If every time you go to a meeting of friends or family, you always know what joke to tell in each situation, you can dedicate yourself to it in your radio program. A podcast theme will always work best if you like the content you broadcast and are recognized for it. 

3. Children’s humor 

By making a podcast about children’s humor you can help encourage laughter and good humor among the little ones at home. However, it is important to remember that jokes cannot contain explicit content or profanity. 

Also, keep in mind that who will find you will be their parents, so they will be the filter to determine if the topic of your podcast works for their children or nephews.

4. Hypothetically speaking

This podcast theme is all about putting listeners’ imaginations to work by talking about the actions they would take in different situations. 

Especially when it comes to funny situations that could make anyone uncomfortable. 

5. Discuss movies or series 

There are all kinds of content in the entertainment industry. From this, a podcast topic is born in which conversation is generated about movies or series that have remarkable, funny or questionable plots or performances. 

Remember that a topic to talk about in a podcast must be enjoyable and generate the interaction of the listeners.

6. Improvisation 

Finally, improvisation also works as a good topic to talk about on a podcast.  

Nobody knows anything is a podcast of humor and improvisation. The great motto of this program is “we are able to talk about everything even if we don’t know anything”. Listeners send questions on any subject and hosts answer them even if they have no idea what podcast topic they will have in the episode.

Educational Podcast Topics

Podcast topics that encourage education are ideal for the audience that wants to enrich their knowledge while doing something else. 

7. Book Reviews

The community of readers continues to grow every day. Therefore, using book reviews as a topic to talk about in a podcast can work very well for you, especially if you are a heavy reader. 

In this case, the important thing is to be objective throughout the analysis process; In this way, you will be able to give an informed opinion. 

8. Agriculture

Another podcast topic that is having a big impact, especially now with the sustainable trend, is the process of growing food in an urban city. 

For example, you could tell your listeners about how to grow and sell produce at farmers’ markets or restaurants.

9. Musical instruments

This can be an educational topic to talk about on a radio show that can work for you if you are related to music.

For example, tricks for learning to play guitar, learning sheet music, and more will quickly become popular among the community of musicians and fans.

10. Bricolage and DIY

Then, ceramics, sewing, painting, and the creation of handmade household products are topics to talk about in a radio program with a didactic and entertaining style. 

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for how to entertain themselves at home by their own means. So, with these podcast themes, we are sure that you will not lack an audience. 

11. Gardening

If you are a fan of plants and flowers, you will love this podcast idea, since you can share your hobby and inform others about the types of plants that exist, the seeds, or watering tips. 

Also, offering more information on field grasses, soil types, and more will be of great use to fans of this podcast topic.

12. Religious beliefs

If you like to investigate different world religions, or one, in particular, this could be your next topic for your radio show. 

For example, focusing on Buddhism, its beginnings, influences, and philosophy can be just as interesting to many people as it is to you. 

13. Accounting Education 

Talking about tax returns, paying taxes, making bills, refunds, and more can help many people sort out their responsibilities. So, if you want to secure an audience, this is a good idea for a podcast. 

14. Dog Training Podcast

If you know about canine psychology, animal behavior therapies, animal aggression, and submission, you can cover this topic to inform animal lovers about how to better treat their pets.

15. Social networks

Also, you can discuss how to take advantage of Instagram or Facebook or simply how to measure results and use digital channels profitably.

According to the context in which we live, podcast topics that include tips or information to succeed in online media are essential. 

One of the good examples of topics for an educational podcast is Teachers on Fire. Every week it publishes a talk from the world’s top leaders and creators.

youth topics for podcast

To generate interest in young people, you can use other types of content in your next podcast. However, the podcast topic you choose should be entertaining and also lend itself to listeners interacting with you.

Next, we share the most popular ones.

16. Trial and error 

If you’re someone who loves to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, why not document your trials and errors?

Chronicle your adventures and show your audience that with this podcast topic they can have a good time and learn new things. 

17. She said, he said, who said? 

This podcast theme will work great if you combine it with current news, whether it’s politics, finance, or pop culture. 

There are always different versions of the story and the public loves to hear different points of view on the same topic. Of course, this podcast idea will be more effective if you use a controversial news story as a basis. 

18. The real life of influencers 

Another topic to make a podcast that has proven to be effective is to talk about the lives of the people behind social networks. 

Conduct interviews, hear their stories, and ask for advice for the community that is interested in using social media in the future. 

Do not forget that this podcast topic, in addition to being interesting for fans of these personalities, can also be useful for those who want to highlight their brand or online business.

19. Open mic

Now, if you are a person who quite enjoys interacting with the public, you can choose this topic to make your podcast.

Basically, you need to get listeners to send you their questions and problems days before the launch of your podcast. Then, record yourself responding and generate a conversation related to the topic.

Interesting Topics to Discuss on a Podcast

These podcast topics are always interesting because of the power of questioning and knowledge that one can acquire from them. In fact, many are among the most listened to types of podcasts today. 

Jot down these topic ideas to discuss in a podcast!

20. Current Policy

This is a classic to generate a topic of conversation. Comment on your political position, your perspective on the current scenario in your country, and also on the improvements you consider necessary in the system. 

Of course, this idea to make a podcast will work better if respect is maintained between people who have different perspectives and are involved in the program. 

21. Mental and emotional health

Fatphobia, health in all sizes, stereotypes, self-esteem, eating disorders (ED), and how to improve our relationship with ourselves are podcast topics that are gaining popularity.

Therefore, if you want to contribute information about these ideas for a radio program, remember that you should always do it with respect and empathy.

22. Sexuality

Sex education is necessary to break myths and social stigmas that can affect people’s daily lives. 

If you want to venture into this topic to make a podcast, we recommend you cover it from a professional point of view. For example, including expert opinions on the topic could help you improve your content exponentially. 

23. Racism through time

If you want to cover a podcast topic that is more serious and raises awareness, you can talk about xenophobia, the Black Lives Matters movement, inclusive society, and feminism. 

Making known the beginnings, reasons, and impact today can be essential to stimulate change in our society. Without a doubt, it is a topic for a radio program that should go on the air. 

Doubts are given away is a podcast born from the infinite need to question everything that exists around us: why do we believe what we believe and what alternatives are there?

Random topics for a podcast

If you are looking for random topics to make your first podcast, look no further! We share some ideas to make the radio program that you cannot miss. 

24. Public Interviews

To develop this topic to talk about in a podcast you will need a lot of energy and initiative. It consists of interviewing people you meet on the bus, in restaurants, in offices, or anywhere else on the street, about a particular topic. 

For example, you can ask them their perspective on a current problem or on the topic of your choice, the key is to generate debate.

25. ASMR podcast

If you like this new trend, we are sure that this podcast theme will be a lot of fun for you. 

So, buy yourself a good podcast microphone, speak quietly, and use props to help immerse your listeners in the ASMR experience.

Women’s Podcast Topics

According to a report published by Westwood One, the female gender is driving the growth of radio shows. 

So after an intense search, we’ve compiled a list of women’s podcast topics that will help your female audience stay informed, inspired, and intrigued. 

From motherhood to dating to health and career advice, these are the podcast topics every woman should be listening to. 

26. Interviews with great references

You can sit face-to-face with creative and inspiring women for intimate and thoughtful conversations about interesting podcast topics. 

With this dynamic, the objective is that your audience feels identified and can participate in the exchange of ideas.

27. Advice on love

If there is a topic for a podcast that has no losses, without a doubt, it is love advice. You can talk about dating apps, and tell stories of your own love life and those of your friends or acquaintances, as they can serve as a point of reference for those who are going through the same thing.

You can also provide advice on dating today or how to deal with breakups. There is no doubt that this podcast theme will help many. 

28. Motherhood 

Most of the information that women know about being a mother before becoming one comes from movies and random bits of celebrities. 

For this reason, this is one of the most tuned-in podcast topic categories today. Some ideas to start with are pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant nutrition, prenatal and postnatal grief, etc.

29. Health and beauty tips

If you are a skincare lover or follow health advice from head to toe, you can use your knowledge and experience to develop these podcast topics. 

Topics for podcast between friends

Do you have a group of friends with whom you share countless stories, tastes, and interesting anecdotes? Cool! This list of topics for podcasts among friends will fit you like a glove, especially if you have in mind launching a group program soon. 

30. Mystery

Do you want your audience to jump in fear? Have each episode feature a podcast topic about unsolved mysteries, paranormal phenomena, or true crimes. Without a doubt, you will keep the attention of the public from beginning to end. 

31. Historical data

If you love researching historical facts or are one of those people who always got high marks in history, you can talk about these podcast topics with your classmates. 

For example, making animated episodes on a quirky topic or giving general history lessons on events that are often overlooked.

32. Personal Finance

If you are an expert in managing your money, you can serve the public that wants to better manage their personal finances. If you wish, it is also possible to limit the topics to talk about in the podcast, making it more specific. 

For example, providing information on how to remodel a home on a budget or how to pay off debt quickly are interesting podcast topics. Of course, you can also give financial advice and interview experts in the field.

33. Technology

Technology is always changing and there is limitless content potential in the tech niche. So, get together with your best friends and captivate this audience with the latest news or trends in technology.

34. Social Media

If you and your friends are social media savvy, you can provide your target audience with tips on how to use these platforms well, whether it’s networking with friends or marketing a business

In short, this is one of the ideas to speak in a podcast that you do not have to lose.

How to choose the topics for a podcast?

There is a popular phrase that says “he who covers a lot does not squeeze much” and this leads to the reflection that it is not necessary to cover all the topics to make a podcast. You just need to find the approaches that are most relevant to you and your audience.

If you are wondering how to choose the topics for your first podcast, we will explain it to you below.

1. Prepare questions to select the interesting topics for the podcast

First, we advise you to answer the following questions that will help you know if your topic is interesting to talk about in a podcast.

  • How important is the topic to you?
  • What topics do you like to research?
  • Will the topic help the target audience?
  • Can you talk about it naturally?
  • Can you get more information about your topic?
  • Are there enough materials to generate more talking points?
  • Does the topic really excite you?

Once you have these points, it will be easier for you to continue with the following steps. 

2. Research interesting podcast topics

To make sure you pick a good podcast idea, you should do your research on the topic. In this way, you will know if that idea for your podcast is exciting, attractive, and relevant to your niche. 

Keep in mind that the creative process will be easier if you choose a topic that you are passionate about. In addition, the content will also be of quality for your listeners.

3. Make sure the topics to expose in a podcast are specific

In the podcast market, there are thousands talking about various topics and the best way to stand out from the crowd is to be specific by creating unique content. To choose important topics to present and talk about in a podcast, you must make sure that what you talk about stands out from the rest.

An example of a topic of interest is a podcast about communication tips. The usual thing will be to discuss tips to improve communication. However, you can make yours specific and unique by talking about how parents and children can communicate better.

By making a slight change on a broad topic, you narrow down your potential audience and give your podcast a unique style and angle.

So, are you ready to start creating content inspired by one of these podcast themes we’ve discussed? If there is an ideal time to talk about interesting podcast topics, it is now. 

According to a market study published, the hours of podcast consumption have skyrocketed during confinement, and this statistic is expected to double in the coming months.

Get ready to generate unique value propositions.

Good luck! 

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