70 YouTube Channel Name Ideas To Get More Subscribers

YouTube Channel Name Ideas

Choosing names for YouTube channels can be quite a difficult task when you lack inspiration or when you are still not sure of the type of content you want to share.

Therefore, if you are going to create a YouTube channel from scratch or if you want to update one that you already have and give it a new twist, this list of the best YouTube name ideas will be handy to put your most creative side to work. and find an original name for your YouTube channel.

In addition, in this note, we will also tell you why it is so important to choose a good name for YouTube, and what are the features that will help you filter your options when you are about to decide. Finally, you will discover how to change the name of your YouTube channel, in case you want to change it.

Let’s get started!

What is the importance of YouTube channel names?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so when you type in a channel name, you’ll come across a whole universe of options with similar names. Therefore, choosing the most creative option among the different names for YouTube channels is super important, since it depends on whether YouTube users find your channel or not and whether you have subscribers and views on your videos. 

In addition, it is important that your channel is remembered and that it stands out among the other channels in its category, since, unlike social networks, which do not allow you to repeat the user, on YouTube you can find several channels with the same name.

Although it may seem complicated, it is possible to create an original name for your YouTube channel if you spend a few hours writing down all the options you can and, in this way, select a winner. The more options, the better! 

On the other hand, if you want to create a YouTube channel from scratch and keep going without a break, having the name ready can be a great motivation. Therefore, searching for original names for YouTube as soon as you can and starting with a clear idea of ​​the type of content you are going to create is essential to start a new channel on the right foot.

Also, if you plan to upload content constantly to keep your channel active and gain recognition, you might want to try not to change your channel name too often or not at all. Well, the name for the YouTube channel that you choose will become your brand and, thanks to it, people will know how to find your content. 

When you have the name for your YouTube channel ready, don’t forget to create a visual identity that represents it and gives your channel a much more professional look. Don’t worry! If graphic design is not your thing, you can always use a free logo generator to make your channel look awesome.

What are the characteristics of the best names for YouTube channels?

Before motivating you with the best name ideas for YouTube, we encourage you to know what are the characteristics of a good name for a YouTube channel: 

  • The best YouTube channel names have that keyword that piques your audience’s curiosity. Is it a nickname, a creative play on words, a place, or a popular theme? It’s up to you.
  • A good name for a YouTube channel should be short and should summarize everything that your channel is in a few words, but highlighting that special feature that will identify it above the others.
  • The best YouTube channel names connect to the theme of the channel. Even if your YouTube channel has different segments of content, find a name that represents them all.
  • If you say the name of your YouTube channel out loud, it should sound good and be easy to pronounce. 
  • If you are a fan of words in other languages, make sure that the ones you include in the name of your YouTube channel are within the vocabulary known by the audience you are going to address.
  • A good name for a YouTube channel is free of numbers and signs, as they are more difficult to remember and can read very informal or old-fashioned.

In short, a good name makes a difference. It is much more attractive to tell your friends that the name of your YouTube channel is La Guarida de Andrés than andres812974. First, they will be able to quickly search for it and connect the name with the whole idea of ​​the channel. While the second will be more difficult to remember and too generic, so they will not find it interesting.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with the perfect name, you can use an online name generator to get an idea of ​​possible YouTube channel names you could use.

How to create names for YouTube channels?

Stop your search for a moment! Well, the best name ideas for your YouTube channel appear when you have certain details ready. Therefore, before choosing the name for your YouTube channel, keep in mind the following:

1. Choose the theme for your YouTube channel

Before deciding what the name of your YouTube channel will be, you need to have a theme for your content. This information will allow you to think of a much more creative name, preventing it from being too generic or unable to communicate what your channel offers.

If you still haven’t decided what the topic of your channel will be, we recommend that you write a list of video ideas for your YouTube channel, as it will help you to discover what the classification of the content you want to create is.

2. Think about your value proposition

As a second important point, before looking for YouTube channel names, you should think about what that character is that differentiates your channel from others of its kind. Is it the person who appears, the way the video is narrated, or the location where you recorded it?

Like these aspects, there are many others that your channel must indeed have, and that can be excellent opportunities to highlight it.

As Pico Navarro, professor of the YouTube-style video editing online course, says :

“If you plan to dedicate yourself professionally to creating content on YouTube, I recommend that you treat your channel as a brand. Think about the image you want to sell and the style you want to reflect”.

3. Choose a tone of communication

On the other hand, to create an original name for a YouTube channel, you need to recognize what tone of communication will be used. You cannot name a comedy channel with a name that suggests sadness, nor can you use an informal name if it is an institutional or professional channel.

4. Define your target audience 

Define who the audience you will address will be, since it is key that they fully understand you, identify with you and have fun with your content. From there, good ideas of names for YouTube can come out, since you can use, for example, jargon known to them.

If you pay attention to each of these parts, you will be able to brainstorm ideas, which will help you generate much more original and attractive channel names for YouTube, which will surely help you get more subscribers.

5. Combine words and create original names

A surefire tactic for coming up with original YouTube names is to creatively combine words. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Make a list of words relevant to your channel. Between nicknames, personalities, vocabulary, etc.

2. Begin to match words that are related, in any of these ways. This way you will get a varied list of names for YouTube channels.

  • Opposite words: one can be positive and one negative, but putting them together can be funny. Ex: Rainbow Gray
  • Metaphors: give a metaphorical meaning to a word, adding another that has a similarity. Ex: Laughter that heals.
  • The owner and his belonging: combine the name of a person with what he does. Ex: Camila’s kitchen. 
  • Fusion: join two words into one. Ex: AmigoTV, Fashionemos.
  • Words that rhyme: put together two words that rhyme assonance or consonance. Ex: The Fun Room.
  • Use of adjectives: an adjective that serves to describe the following word. Ex: Terrifying investigations. 

3. Say the name of your YouTube channel out loud and ask someone else to write it down. Make sure it is easy to pronounce and write.

How to change the name of your YouTube channel?

It is possible that, when reading this note on how to choose a name for YouTube, you have reconsidered the current name of your channel and now you want to change it to a much more creative and original one. Luckily, changing the name of your YouTube channel is very simple, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Access your YouTube channel.
  • Click on the top right corner, and select the “Settings” option.
  • Click on the current name.
  • In the window that will open, click on the blue button that says “Custom channel”.
  • In the “Basic Information” tab, go to the pen icon next to your name.
  • Type in the new name of your YouTube channel.
  • Click the blue “Publish” button.

Clever! This way you will have managed to change the name of your YouTube channel. Just make sure beforehand that the new name relates very well to the content you have or the new content you plan to upload.

The best name ideas for YouTube channels

Now that you know what are the characteristics of the best names for YouTube channels and what is the importance of choosing a good name, it’s time to take a pen and paper! Well, then, we leave you a list with the best name ideas for YouTube channels. Write down your favorites!

Names for YouTube channels about video games

Let’s start with some YouTube gaming channel name ideas:

1. I feel gamer

This name for a gaming YouTube channel is a pun on “sitting down” and an ironic way of expressing that you feel like you’re a gamer. 

2. Tank plays

In the gamer dictionary, ” the tank ” is the person who is on the front lines of combat making key decisions for the game. It could be a good name for a YouTube channel that does live streams of gameplay, especially war-themed ones.

3. Tanking

An alternative name option for the old YouTube channel.

4. Trolling with love

“ Trolling ” means posting controversial and offensive messages to annoy others. This practice is very common in video games, so a funny YouTube channel name like this could be perfect if you’re going to Livestream your pranks to other gamers.

5. A Gift on the Armchair

If you’re a guy, this is a fancy way to refer to you and your gaming chair, with a rhyme that makes this YouTube channel name very clever and attractive.

Names for YouTube channels about food

Dare to share your favorite recipes online with these cooking channel name ideas on YouTube:

1. Point and eat

This name for YouTube food channels uses a fun play on words that replaces the last word of the term “semicolon” ​​with “come”, referring to a break to eat.

2. Dishes without silver

Delicious creations, with little money. Sounds good, doesn’t it? A creative and clever cooking YouTube channel name idea.

3. Chef Spoon

An ideal YouTube channel name for those chefs who want to call themselves what they always use when cooking and also sound creative. Other named utensils such as “Ladle” or “Spatula” can also be used, even ingredients such as “Butter”. Keep playing with words!

4. Scoop Stop

A rhyme with a lot of flavors! Rhyming YouTube channel names are always easier to remember.

5. Like a suit, like a saucer

Did you learn to cook with one of your parents? If they make a channel together, they could use this YouTube channel name, which changes the original refrain “like father, like son” a bit.

Names for YouTube travel channels

Share your experiences with these YouTube travel channel name ideas:

1. A ____ traveler

Complete this name for YouTube channels with your profession! Or with some super curious feature about you. Maybe your nationality or your personality works.

2. My compass and me

Sometimes a fellow adventurer is an object that leads you. This is one of the simplest and most attractive travel YouTube channel names you will find.

3. From cloud to cloud

For those who only travel by plane, this is a great idea to name your YouTube channel.

4. While the layover lasts

A name for a YouTube channel that tells the best of the trip during the layover.

5. No passport

If you plan to travel within your country and document everything on video, this is the best name for your YouTube channel! 

Names for YouTube channels about movies and series

Express your opinion on the latest in audiovisual entertainment with these name ideas for a movie and series channel on YouTube:

1. They call me a movie buff

A YouTube channel name that only a true movie fan would use!

2. A narrator boy

It can also be “A narrator girl”, this YouTube channel name is ideal for a channel that talks about series and movies.

3. Series seriously

No jokes or pity! A name for a YouTube channel with good series reviews.

4. I rent movies

A name for movie YouTube channels with a vintage twist.

5. Armchair Attack

Do you plan to talk about horror series and movies? This sounds good for your channel, add it to your list of possible YouTube channel names!

Names for YouTube channels on art, home, and design

Show off your artistic knowledge and skills with these name ideas for a YouTube art, home, and design channel:

1. Gallery in HD/4K

Do you want to show art in high definition? This YouTube channel name is a direct way for your audience to easily identify you.

2. Rustic Stop

A name for a YouTube channel with a rustic and simple design.

3. Design time

A simple name for a YouTube channel adaptable to channels with different themes.

4. Space yourself out

A combination of two words: “space” and “art”. It is possible to create hundreds of YouTube channel names using this simple technique.

5. I am a craftsman

A name for a simple YouTube channel, but very easy to associate with art.

Names for YouTube channels about sports

Enjoy your favorite sport with other fans thanks to these name ideas for a sports channel on YouTube:

1. The sports signal

An imposing name for a sports YouTube channel. You can also complete it with the name of the sport you like!

2. The Professor ____

Are you very good at a sport and would like to teach it via YouTube? Well, this option would go very well with your name. This is one of the most versatile YouTube channel names.

3. Adrenaline Life

Interested in sharing something more extreme? This name for a YouTube channel works well for that.

4. Sport screen

A name for a simple YouTube channel, but one that works for all sports. 

5. The channel of the Play

This name for a sports YouTube channel is another very easy-to-remember option.

Names for YouTube channels on fashion and makeup

Share your best beauty tips, tutorials, and tricks with these YouTube fashion and makeup channel name ideas:

1. The closet ___

What feature does your channel have that sets it apart from others? Complete it and create an original name for your YouTube channel! We leave you some examples: The pink closet, The vintage closet, The ecological closet, etc.

2. Make Up TV

This name for a YouTube channel is the combination of the words “make up” and “TV”.

3. Fashion without fashion

If you want to talk about unique clothing, you need a unique YouTube channel name.

4. Miss Lipstick

What do you like most about doing makeup? If it’s put on your lipstick, this is an awesome name for a YouTube channel. You can change it to your liking with another makeup item.

5. Life in heels

What do you do with your clothes? You can start your YouTube channel name starting with “Life in…”

Comedy YouTube Channel Names

Make everyone laugh with these YouTube comedy channel name ideas:

1. A walking meme

If you are a born comedian, you can use this name for your YouTube channel.

2. Comedy in stockings

A play on words for a more casual YouTube channel name.

3. Pure laughter

A name for a guaranteed laugh YouTube channel!

4. Mr. Tickle

Only if your channel promises to make people laugh at that level. You can also use the “ Miss ” or “ Mrs ” at the beginning of this name for the YouTube channel.

5. DiverZone

This is a name for a YouTube channel with a combination of the words “fun” and “zone”.

Names for YouTube channels about business

Tell the world about your experience as an entrepreneur and share your wisdom with these YouTube business channel name ideas:

1. Talking business

A name for a YouTube channel that is very easy to remember!

2. Brave Mind

This is a name for a YouTube channel made up of a combination of “brave” and “mind”. 

3. Start with ____

A simple name for a YouTube channel. Complete it with your name!

4. Clan of entrepreneurs

This name for YouTube channels is a way to integrate your audience and make them feel part of your channel.

5. UndertakeTalks

This name for YouTube channels is a combination of “undertake” and ” talks ” (talks, in English).

Names for YouTube channels about music

Record music videos for YouTube and spread your love for music with these YouTube music channel name ideas:

1. Play your day

A great name for music YouTube channels with various genres.

2. Effortless Verse

If you are a fan of rap and would like to create a YouTube channel, this would be the perfect name. 

3. Life with strings

A great name for a YouTube channel that talks about string instruments.

4. A Musical Carnival

This music YouTube channel name sounds great for tropical beats.

5. Your music room

If you want to teach music, this is an excellent option to name your YouTube channel.

Names for YouTube channels on graphic design

If you want to create graphic design content for your audience, you need to choose YouTube names that grab attention and convey your knowledge of the subject. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything, because we will leave you a small list of names for YouTube channels of this type:

1. Ninja design

Although the names for YouTube in other languages ​​are not recommended, in the category of graphic design they work perfectly. Also, this name for your YouTube channel will help you convey that you are an expert on the subject.

2. Pixel Creative

In our recommendations to find the best names for a YouTube channel, we told you that you should make a play on words. In this case, combining some of the basic elements of the design can work in your favor and give you an amazing name.

3. The digital square

If you have a graphic design agency and are looking for names for your YouTube channel, you can use a name that refers to your work team and the tasks they perform.

4. My graphic world

Are you a freelance designer and want to show the world your work? This name reflects that you live and breathe design, so you can use it to share your experiences working on what you like the most.

5. Design first

This is the last recommendation on our list of names for YouTube channels related to graphic design, and it is ideal to give a touch of seriousness to your content while defining what people will find on your channel.

Names for YouTube channels on health and fitness life

If you are passionate about the fitness lifestyle and want to upload content with advice on nutrition, exercises, and recommendations for a healthy life, these YouTube channel name ideas may help you:

1. Yoga with ____

To upload your videos in which you teach yoga routines, you do not have to complicate yourself. Sometimes the best names for a YouTube channel are the simplest, so you can use something like Yoga with (your name).

2. Fitness World

Only worry about talking about exercise routines, eating habits, and tips to be healthy, because if you use this name for your YouTube channel, you will have a good part of your target audience guaranteed. 

3. Healthy Mind

Puns are a good hook, so we recommend using them in YouTube channel names. This name is for those who talk about health and want to give their name an attractive touch.

4. Healthy awareness

If you want to go deeper with your content and raise awareness about the negative effects of certain food products, you can use a name that projects reflection and interest in a healthy lifestyle.

5. Talking about health

It does not matter if the content you plan to upload to your channel is of an academic type, you have to have a name that sounds good and synthesizes the topics you are talking about. You can take ‘Health Talk’ as a reference to search YouTube channel names related to a healthy lifestyle.

Names for YouTube channels about photography

A lot of content related to photography is also uploaded on YouTube, so if you like photography you can upload your material and start getting subscribers. At this point we will tell you about some names for your photography YouTube channel:

1. The digital eye

This name for YouTube sums up the type of content of a photography channel very well, especially if it is a photography criticism channel.

2. Click and reveal

How about talking about the best photographic techniques? If you have practical advice on photography, this is a good name for a YouTube channel.

3. FocusArt

With this name for YouTube you put together two words related to photography, focus and art. Good YouTube channel names often mix elements related to the topic they are about and play a lot with words, so pay close attention to that.

4. Painting with light

This name for YouTube is also quite artistic, referring to one of the most important elements in photography, light.

5. Urban flash

If you like urban photography, you must add Urban flash to your list of YouTube channel names. It is a short, attractive YouTube name that sounds great when pronounced.

Names for YouTube channels about technology

Finding names for your tech YouTube channel difficult for you? You don’t have to think about it too much, because we will give you 5 YouTube channel name ideas that will help you talk about computers, technology articles, and many other things.

1. TechnoNet

Again, following our YouTube channel naming recommendations, we combine two basic elements in technology to come up with an eye-catching name. We recommend using it if your channel has content about networks and telecommunications.

2. Technology at the moment

Are you one of those people who are aware of the latest developments in technology? To have a technology news channel you need to think of good names, and this can be a good reference.

3. Techno zone

The names for YouTube serve to define very well the topics that your content is going to deal with, and with Zona Tecno, you will be able to make your subscribers understand what you are going to publish in a very simple way.

4. Techno reviews

This name for YouTube is ideal if you make unboxing videos or reviews about different technology items, be it phones, computers, or consoles.


If you’re looking for names for a YouTube channel where you can talk about programs, operating systems, and computing in general, you can use something like YouSystems. This YouTube name is a mix that is sure to appeal to your audience.

We hope you liked one of these 50 YouTube channel name ideas and inspired you to create a new name for your channel. Do not forget that you must choose an original and authentic name so that your channel becomes more and more popular and you can build your personal brand around it.

Now, get to work, and good luck with your channel!

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